Q: How can I place an order?

Q: How does same-day delivery/pickup work?

Q: Can I make a purchase directly at your store?

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

Q: What are your top-sellers?

Q: Can I mix and match petit gateaux sets?

Q: Why can't I choose a date/time?

Q: Will I receive a physical receipt?

Q: Can I order 2 cakes to different addresses/dates/times?

Q: Can I modify my order?

Q: Can I change the cake?

Q: Can I add to my order?

Q: How are refunds made?

Q: Can I update the billing address?

Q: What's the difference between billing and delivery address?

Q: Payment issues/trouble adding items?

Q: Can I get an invoice?

Q: Do you take corporate orders?

Delivery(not applicaple currently)

Q: How much is delivery?

Q: Can I select a delivery time?

Q: Can I specify delivery time?

Q: Will my order be on time?

Q: How do I get delivery updates?

Q: Receiver absent at delivery?

Q: Can I change delivery details?

Q: Can you deliver to my unit?

Pick Up

Q: Where's your store?

Q: Can I pick up anytime?


Q: Can you write on cakes?

Q: How to store cakes? Shelf life?

Q: How long in a car ride?

Q: Are your ingredients halal?

Q: Can you make a cake less sweet?

Q: Customized cake orders?

Q: Suitable for special diets?

Q: Nuts/gluten allergy?

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